Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre


The KMBRC OfficeThe KMBRC Office, Brogdale Farm
Over the last few decades, a network of local biological records centres has been developed across the UK. The Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre is one of the more recently established records centres.

We provide a full data management service by acting as custodians of high-quality biological and environmental data. This management role includes the collection, collation, safe storage and dissemination of environmental data pertaining to the County of Kent and Medway Unitary Authority.

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This information is made available to local authorities and planners, industry, conservation organisations, academics, local naturalists and the general public in order to ensure Kent's wildlife is being considered in all aspects of our decision-making.

The small team here at the Records Centre are dedicated to providing an excellent service for both clients and the wider recording community through our expertise in environmental data management, information technology and biological recording. All staff members have a background in either ecology, conservation, science and computing and a passion for wildlife and the environment.