Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre

Data - Species Data

Introduction to species data held by KMBRC

The KMBRC currently holds over 3 million species records for the county of Kent on our core Recorder 6 database. These records cover a wide range of taxonomic groups, from mosses to dragonflies to mammals. In addition to this we have access to another 1.1 million bird records that are stored in the Kent Ornithological Society's COBRA© database and Kent Bat Group's database of 22,000 records.

All records comply to the NBN Standards of who, what, where and when. Wherever possible species records are subjected to a process of verification by local and national experts.

The species records have been submitted to the records centre by species interest groups, individual experts, conservation organisations, government agencies, local authorities, businesses and the general public to all of whom we are extremely grateful.

To make a species data request, go to the Request Information page. If you would like records of a particular species or taxonomic group that won't be included in our standard searches, then please specify your particular requirements in the Additional Items - Other part of the form.

Data not currently held by KMBRC

The KMBRC have limited data on Kent's badgers. You may also like to contact the following recording groups: