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small-copper-stoneSmall Copper (Lycaena phlaeas)
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We provide a full data management service by acting as custodians of high-quality biological and environmental data. This management role includes the collection, collation, safe storage and dissemination of environmental data pertaining to the county of Kent and Medway unitary authority.

This information is made available to local authorities and planners, industry, conservation organisations, academics, local naturalists and the general public in order to ensure Kent's wildlife is being considered in all aspects of our decision-making.

We provide the following enquiry services:

Request Information

The Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre offers a full enquiry service, which is made available to all sectors.

Click here for further details if you are interested in receiving a report highlighting records for a certain site in Kent.

Kent Environmental Information Database

The Kent Environmental Information Database (KEID) holds metadata relating to reports and other documents stored at a variety of source organisations, with a current focus on the marine and coastal environments of Kent.

To find out more about KEID, click here. You can carry out an free and instant search of the documents here.