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The KMBRC can provide an informal presentation or activity session to your school, group or organisation on a variety of wildlife and recording orientated subjects. Sessions will be geared towards the appropriate age group for schools.

Topics include...

An introduction to Biological Recording:

Learn how to observe a habitat for the purpose of recording information about the species of flora and fauna present. As an amateur data recording enthusiast the information you collect can be submitted to the Records Centre to enable us to collate information about the variety and distribution of different species of plants, insects and animals in Kent to help contribute to the continued survival and protection of our wildlife habitats.

Recording in your garden:

Learn more about how you can attract wildlife into your garden with the help of carefully selected plants and the provision of appropriate habitat.

Using Global Positioning Systems and National Grid References:

The most useful records are those that provide a good level of detail on the location of the observations. Learn how to use global positioning systems and the national grid referencing system to pinpoint the location of records to help us to disseminate more accurate data.

Biological Records to Planning Applications:

How your records can help inform the decision makers. Biological records are often requested to help inform decisions on the possible sites and locations for development. The Records Centre can help to ensure that adequate consideration is paid to the impact on surrounding wildlife and that mitigation is applied where necessary, by providing comprehensive reports on the variety of species and habitats that could be affected by those proposals.

Recording on your allotment:

Allotment sites in Kent are becoming increasingly threatened by the pressures of development. Co-incidentally they also make up some of the most under-recorded areas in our county. Why not help to conserve your allotment and our native wildlife at the same time by jotting down some of your observations whilst you tend to your crops? Not sure where to start? Let us give you some useful pointers!

Species Specific Sessions:

Is your group particularly interested in a particular species or taxon group? We can tailor a presentation to suit your needs. Would you like to learn more about water vole distribution in the county and the current threats to its survival? Perhaps you are interested in the variety of birds of prey that Kent plays host to or the increase in the number of migrant species we have experienced with the warmer summers? We are always happy to put together a talk to suit your requirements. Just phone us to find out more.