Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre

Local Recording Groups

A list of Local Recording Groups in Kent. These organisations have an active recording calendar usually in a variety of sites around Kent. If you're interested in a particular group of species and would like to learn more from experienced recorders/surveyors, contact your local recording group.

National Recording Societies

These organisations hold national databases of species observations and many have a branch in Kent or the south east. These organisations often run national recording schemes in which you can participate and may also hold events such as conferences and training weekends.

Related Organisations: Local

This section includes a variety of organisations who are involed in local environmental issues. Some may generate or use records others may be involved in conservation or management.

Related Organisations: National

Organisations with a nationwide remit who deal with environmental issues to some degree. Some of these organisations may also generate or use records to achieve their aims.

Records Centres

A list of links to records centres across the country.

Local Authorities

A list of links to local authorities.

Government Agencies

A list of links to relevant Government Agencies.

Wildlife Trusts

A list of links to Wildlife Trusts.