Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre

Local Recording Groups

Below is a list of Local Recording Groups in Kent. These organisations have an active recording calendar usually in a variety of sites around Kent. If you're interested in a particular group of species and would like to learn more from experienced recorders/surveyors, contact your local recording group.

Butterfly Conservation (Kent Branch)

A National Organisation with regional branches Butterfly Conservation, members will receive information on local walks and events, regular newsletters and information on how to identify butterflies.

Dungeness Bird Observatory

A registered charity run by an independent board of trustees, the observatory was initially set up to monitor migrating birds. Birds are monitored and recorded every day, interest in other species has developmed and odonata, orthoptera and lepidoptera are also recorded regularly. You can support the organisation by becoming a Friend. As a friend you can use the observatory accommodation at a discounted rate. Dungeness is a unique habitat and as such is home to unique flora and fauna.

East Kent Badger Group

East Kent Badger Group: bringing together like-minded humans and animals; supporting badger conservation in East Kent

Kent Bat Group

A small local group formed in 1983 to help conserve the county?s bats through raising awareness and taking action to conserve them. Members can make an annual donation and attend indoor meetings throughout the winter, receive a quarterly newsletter and contribute towards the welfare of Kent?s bats.

Kent Field Club

A Natural History Society founded in 1955, Kent Field Club has over 200 members, and is a very active club, with a year-round calendar of various events. Alongside their outdoor events (recording a variety of different species) they hold a popular annual conference and offer their expertise in helping to protect Kent?s Natural History and provide education. The Field Club also publishes an annual bulletin and quarterly Newsletters which are made available to Members.

Kent Mammal Group

Formed in 1997, the Kent Mammal Groups? aims are to raise awareness of the plight of Kent?s mammals and help conserve these species. Members can expect to receive a regular newsletter and attend KMG organised courses and an interesting calendar of indoor events between September and March.

Kent Ornithological Society

Established in 1951 KOS collects, collates and publishes bird data for the county. KOS members play an active role in contributing to the annual publications. Monthly indoor meetings run between October and April on a variety of subjects. If you?re a keen birder then why not join KOS and learn more about Kent?s birdlife.

Kent Reptile & Amphibian Group

KRAG has 3 core aims; to record the distribution and monitor the status of Kent?s Herpetofauna, provide advice about management of species and habitats and to raise awareness. KRAG is an active local group, reliant upon members to help them achieve their aims. They have a variety of events throughout the year and run training courses. Members receive a Newsletter and are welcomed to meetings and other KRAG activities.

Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust

Recording all aspects of the wildlife at Snadwich Bay the Trust has been going for over 50 years. They run courses, lectures and events throughout the year. Members of SBBOT receive a regular Newsletter and get discounted entry to regular events and birding walks. They run a full calendar of education and have onsite accommodation available.


A project designed for recreational divers who can do their bit for the marine environment. All you need to do is collect information about the habitats and species you see during your dive. Seasearch is a national scheme collating data for all of Britains coastlines. Seasearch provide training courses for beginners.


Organised through the Kent Wildlife Trust this initiative aims to encourage users of the shoreline to record the wildlife they see. Shoresearch is a scheme run to encourage recording of marine life along Kent?s coastline ? a rich and fascinating habitat that has been poorly recorded in the past. These events are run by volunteers and there is no specific membership ? although you may like to make a contribution to the Kent Wildlife Trust.

West Kent Badger Group

A small local group run entirely by volunteers, they monitor badger sites, provide advice and run 24 hour rescue service and raise awareness through education for children and adults alike. Members will be warmly welcomed, and they?ll receive a regular newsletter and hopefully become active group members.

Whitstable Natural History Society

Founded in 1973 the Whitstable Natural History Society is a poopular society. The Society aims to encourage an interest in the natural environment as well as to highlight the benefits a healthy environment can bring. The Society organises a range of indoor and outdoor meetings throughout the year which are made available to it?s members.

If you'd like your recording group to be added to this page, please email KMBRC.