Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre


The Records of Mr E Walters

Mr Walters' Garden
Armed with a keen eye and a handful of basic field guides, Mr Walters has been recording the wildlife in his garden nestled within a suburban Medway town over the course of a year. To demonstrate the potential range of wildlife that you can enjoy recording in a modest urban garden, and also to showcase Mr Walters' artistic talent, we have decided to publish his records month-by-month for a whole year, on this site. I hope you enjoy looking at the records as much as we did.

Mr Walters lives in a Victorian terraced house with an average-sized garden measuring 30m (100 feet) long by 3m (10 feet) wide. The garden, showing a lovely display of flowers, is depicted in the photograph and the drawing below.

For each of the species observed and identified, Mr Walters has produced a charming drawing which has been labelled with the name and date - on occasions he has made additional comments and recounted amusing anecdotes. You may also notice that where Mr Walters has identified some species in his illustrations, he has referred to the page and/or plate number in his field guide (see references).
Mr Walters' Garden