Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre

The Records Centre prides intself on being a focus for wildlife information and also a central point of contact to a network of county recorders, enthusiasts and experts - in all areas of the environment.

If you need to undertake a project as part of a course, or you're interested to know what recording projects are taking place in Kent and how you can get involved, the information in this section should help you.

Student Projects

Each year many Earth and/or Environmental science students are required to conduct research for dissertations and projects. With limited experience, it is often difficult for these students to find meaningful and useful subjects for their research projects. Conversely, many people within the field of conservation and recording may have numerous ideas for projects that are both excellent and applicable, but unfortunately do not have the time to conduct the investigation. This section provides a place where students requiring dissertation guidance can be put in contact with those with research suggestions.

Current Survey Work in Kent

There is a considerable amount of ecological work going on in Kent each year, much of which involves some form of species and habitat recording. In this section of the website we hope to publish a brief outline of proposed and ongoing work in an attempt to improve communication between the various parties involved in recording and ecological survey work.

Ongoing Recording Projects

These Recording Projects are ongoing pleas for records and provide opportunities to learn more and get involved in practical recording through the groups who are organising them. They are projects who have a broad or no fixed timescale, so records can be added at any time.